3 Ways to ease the pressure of too much data

data-overloadRunning a successful business usually means a lot of information being fed to every level of the company, and with so many regulations that you have to contend with these days, it could spell trouble. Here are some ways to ease the pressure of too much data.

Utilize storage virtualization and data de-duplication

Having virtual storage (the concept for enabling better functionality and more advanced features that work within and across storage systems to store large amounts of data) for your business needs can be highly beneficial and is one of the great ways to ease the pressure of too much data. An organized storage system keeps all of your data in one software program, on your own safe, secure network; this allows you to see exactly what data you have and if you can pare it down.

Data deduplication is a specialized data compression technique, which basically eliminates duplicate or redundant data from your computer storage. Utilizing this technique will help reduce the data, leaving only the unique and pertinent data your business needs. These two techniques can drastically reduce the pressure of too much data.

Peruse the services of data entry specialists

Hiring the services of a data entry freelancer is another one of the ways to ease the pressure of too much data. If you have large amounts of data that need entering, these specialists can do it quickly and with skill. Depending on the amount and database used, data can be entered into organized folders that are easy to access. Usually, individuals familiar with Excel or other spreadsheets can be your second set of eyes. When entering data, they can be trained to discover:

  • Mistakes
  • Redundancies
  • Data no longer needed or wanted
  • Other issues related to data entry

Having these team players will help reduce the pressure on you and yet still maintain important company data.

Set up an investigative team within the company

In order to maintain an organized data system, it might be beneficial to gather a team together who can sift through data, weeding out the non-important or duplicates. This team would consist of computer engineers, both in software and hardware, as well as the Computer Information Officer. If there is a lot of data in paper form, these can be entered in a software or database program. If the documents are no longer needed or are old forms, they can be discarded, allowing for easier, quicker data entry.

Having employees do this may be easier, since they have personal knowledge of the company and its data, plus it reduces the cost of hiring freelancers and paper storage.

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