CMO to Customer: why some marketing execs believe in interacting with customers directly

culture of engagementAs you well know, marketing your product or service to existing and potential customers is the lifeblood of your success as a business. In the past, before technology took over, businesses had a telephone and personal home address with which to contact their customers. Now, there is email, messaging, Skype, websites, and social media. However, some companies prefer to have one-on-one contact with their customers.

CMO to Customer: why some marketing execs believe in interacting with customers directly

Chief Marketing Officers have a huge job to fulfill; they advertise your business model through marketing your product or service, so they need to ensure their strategies for targeting customers are right on, lest they lose your customer base. Here are some reasons why CMO’s find interacting with customers directly can be valuable to a company:

  • Builds and fosters loyalty and trust. When you interact with customers directly, there is a relationship that develops, which can be long-lasting if developed with the right tools. Engaging a customer through customer service or live chat online helps you understand exactly what customer’s need, instead of surveys, feedback suggestions on websites, or email correspondence. When customers feel like their needs and concerns have been directly addressed, they will feel more comfortable and apt to trust your company more.
  • Cuts down on misunderstandings. If you’re interacting with a customer, you can listen to what they’re saying, face-to-face. You can read their expressions and body language. Relating what they said to you back to them ensures that they’ve been heard, and more times than not, will pleasantly surprise them. This type of skill won’t go unnoticed, and will most likely endear your customer to you.
  • Improves customer retention. When you have a healthy working relationship with your customers and can anticipate their needs, you will have a lifelong customer. Retaining a high quality customer database with accurate information will follow a customer through consistent contact, allowing you to keep valuable data so you can target them when developing new products.
  • Builds credibility. Achieving personal relationships with your customers, such as continually involving them with product inquiries, giving them VIP treatment for sales and new product information, and asking important questions, such as “How are we doing” will go a long way to building credibility with your customers.

Customers should be top priority

A joint research project done by Forrester Research & Heidrick & Struggles asked CMOs what their biggest marketing objectives were, and over 60% said acquiring new customers; however, only 28% knew their customers personally. Communicating good business strategy and costumer centricity go hand-and-hand.

When you can anticipate customer’s needs, you can better serve them!

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