Customer Satisfaction Survey: Is it too soon?

Every good customer survey should be utilized with proper timing. This is a critical factor which ultimately determines how effective your survey is. The issue of timing should include both when to do it and how often, as well.

In reality, you should be committed to gaining an understanding of what your customers think about your products and services. You should be excited to get insight into what to adapt in order to get more customer satisfaction. However, presenting a customer survey too soon is like a half-baked cake.

Key Elements to Consider when Evaluating Customer Satisfaction

  • Type of product or service you offer
  • Do you offer customer support with the product package
  • Rate of interaction with clients

Surveying for Product Satisfaction

A lot of experts recommend that you seek out your customer’s feedback immediately after a purchase. However, this does not hold true at all times. Depending on the nature of your business, you want to give the customer time to evaluate your services objectively. Your product determines how long should take for customers to do that.

If you run a restaurant, you can ask for comments after a meal as the bill is being paid. This is a convenient for both parties. However, if you are selling a product whose satisfaction is experienced after a longer period, it is best to hold off. Your client will not realistically have had enough time to interact with your product, so a customer survey would be premature.

Surveying for Customer Service

While creating superior products is great, customer service is now essentially considered part of your product package. Asking your customers how they feel about your services makes them feel important and valued. So, when is the best time to do it?

Usually, this should be done within a short time period, while the customer’s experience is still fresh, and it would be easy to get an insight into how they feel about your services. However, a little tact is still needed, to understand properly what is best for you.

If you are a caterer, you would want to do your survey a day or two after the event. You can follow up later on, as well. If you are running a boutique, you may want to get feedback immediately after shopping experience. A bank, on the other hand, would want to do customer service survey after a regular time period, say two or three times a year.

Rate of Interaction with Customer

One of the factors determining the proper timing for customer satisfaction evaluation is the level of customer interaction. For businesses with a highly personal interaction, you can afford to delay a survey. Also, for businesses where the service forms the product and interaction is regular, such as in banks, a regularly scheduled survey may form a logistically sound choice. However, for businesses where interaction is brief and fleeting, you would want to take advantage of the time you have with your client.

Evidently, tact and balance are crucial in deciding when to survey. What are your experiences with customer survey timing?

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