Getting Customer Data through Social Networks

Learning from CustomersAs you know, social media has exploded over the last decade and many companies have learned the trick to getting customer data through the social networks. If your company is one who hasn’t quite caught up to speed on social networking, then here are some helpful tips.

Utilize Facebook for customer feedback

Facebook is a gold mine for attracting customers, especially with their advertising services. Many companies peruse this social network for collecting customer data by posting a product or service and then observing who “likes” their page or particular product. Once they “like” something, you can click on their name and valuable information can pop up, even if you’re not their friend. Not only that, but if they have friends who are your friends, you can target them with sales, special offers, and customer feedback inquires. Also, when they become a customer, you can befriend them and then check out their photos, information, notes, statues, and the like, getting to know who they are, so you can better serve them.

Pin, pin, pin with Pinterest

Pinterest is another hugely popular social networking site where individuals and companies advertise their services and products or just go to surf the most creative way to make a wood cabinet or execute a perfect hairdo. When users like a particular item, they pin it to their board, which then is distributed on their friend’s boards, as well. This connection allows for companies to target certain individuals or other companies in marketing or getting customer data through the social networks. Many people post their websites, blogs, and even email to gain traffic and increase their bottom line – if they’re a business.

Once you have this information, you can target these people by visiting their sites or emailing them, but be aware that spamming will get you blocked very quickly, so be careful how you target them. The best way to reach Pinterest users is to post your products or services, your website imbedded, and then connect with them, on a personal level. This will go a long way to gaining trust and customers.

Connect with customers through LinkedIn

Although not new anymore, LinkedIn is just starting to gain more attention in terms of connecting with your customers. What’s great about this site is that you can connect directly with your customers by asking questions that are relevant to them. If customers know you want to offer better service for them, they are more than happy, most of the time, to give you data. A ten-question survey or messaging them personally can keep the lines of communication open so you know just how your customer feels.

Getting customer data through the social networks is really just about showing up.

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