Improve Your Customer Surveys

It is vitally important for you to take every aspect of your business seriously. If you don’t, the product you provide will decline, your customers will look for other companies and you’ll eventually fall out of business.

Because of this, it is important to know every inch of the company. Every aspect that is both visible to the customers and visible to only those working for the business. Although there are internal checks you can perform, the best way to understand how outsiders perceive the business is through customer surveys.

The customer surveys pinpoint what is working for the business, and what needs to change, in the eyes of the clients. Of course, you need proper customer research and a proper customer survey in place in order to determine this kind of information. If you don’t have it properly in place, you’ll never truly know and understand what is going on with the company. This is why utilizing the customer research is so essential.

There are four different ways to optimize customer research, and with these four, it is possible to create the best possible customer surveys for the company. For starters, the first of the four different optimization options is to measure different kinds of loyalty.

Customer loyalty is important when it comes to your business. If you don’t have customer loyalty, you’ll quickly lose clients to other businesses. For starters, it is important to identify your ability for retention loyalty. Retention loyalty is the likelihood you’ll keep a customer when they need to purchase more services. The second form of loyalty is advocacy loyalty. This is how happy the individual is with the services and if they are going to recommend the services to another individual. This is important as it helps spread your services to new customers. The third form of loyalty is purchasing loyalty. Purchasing loyalty is when the customer is more likely to try different products you sell.

The second step towards determining proper customer research is measuring satisfaction with customer experience. You need to know what works in the purchasing process, which can be done through seven general questions. These are ease of doing business, sales/account management, service quality, product quality, communications from company, future company direction and technical support. Learning how the clients perceive you is essential.

Thirdly, you need to measure your relative performance. This is done in comparison to other similar companies that provide the same goods and services. This survey with clients measure you from the worst, to about the same as others, all the way up to the very best. This way, you can see how you stack up against the competition in the customer’s eyes.

Lastly, you need to measure the business-specific attributes. This includes what the company can do better, why the customer felt the way they did, what improvements have been made in the past and how it has made the company better/worse. Information such as this is incredibly important in building a better company.

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