Is there a time when you don’t want customer feedback?

Customer feedback is not only helpful, but crucial to the success of your business. After all, if you didn’t have customers, you wouldn’t have a business. Customers can provide insights that you or your employees can’t give, thus allowing for product improvement or new development.

But, is there a time when you don’t want customer feedback? Yes. Here are a few reasons:

When it’s not possible to develop a certain product

If you know you’re not capable of creating a certain product, then don’t survey your customers on the type of product. If you sell plumbing products, but are looking to branch out with electrical products, don’t ask for customer feedback unless you can deliver. Customers don’t particularly like getting hyped up about a product only to discover you don’t have the manpower or resources to see it through; this can destroy credibility and trust.

When you overwhelm them with spam

Is there a time when you don’t want customer feedback? Yes, if all you’re going to do is spam them. You most likely already have all of your customer’s contact information secure on your network. And you probably market promotions, sales, and new products to them on a consistent basis. Bombarding them with continual feedback inquiries will just irritate them and could even result in your email address being blocked. It’s fine to contact your customers for occasional surveys or to make sure they’re happy with your product or service, but hounding them with constant questions about the next big product will drive them away.

So, although customer feedback is almost always important, there are those times – once in a while – when it wont serve you well.

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