More Accessible Data in 2013

In the last decade, technology has exploded. Every aspect of our life has changed, evolved, and is continuing to expand and expound on quality and convenience. From bigger flat-panel televisions to smaller computers and tablets, the trend seems to continue with big marketing data trends for 2013; the motto being more accessible, more mobile, and more powerful.

Cloud gets bigger and better

2012 marked the era of the Cloud, a way to share pretty much anything and everything dealing with data. Pertaining to the Cloud, big marketing data trends for 2013 will focus on more storage, better organization and of course, lower pricing. In regards to more storage, the Cloud will offer software-defined storage, which utilizes commodity servers to enable automation and economies of scale, or in other words, a program that stores all of your cloud data in one database.

Data monetization for the Cloud will come into the picture, meaning maximizing revenue potential from available data by:

  • Capturing
  • Storing
  • Analyzing
  • Disseminating
  • Application of data

Managing private Clouds within a company will also be a new trend for 2013, which will impact how data is being compacted and organized; this also sets up the stage for other companies to create software to assist their customers in using their own private Cloud. A win-win for consumers and companies.

Better Understand Survey Data

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