mTAB™ 2007 Release 2

PAI is proud to announce the second of three mTAB™ service upgrades scheduled for 2007.  This upgrade, officially released June 30, 2007, offers a wide variety of new functional enhancements for the consumer insights analyst, including enhanced workgroup functionality for mTAB™’s question formats and saved tab content, incorporation of colorization into the spreadsheet view and TopN views, based upon spreadsheet cell value criteria and many additional convenience and performance enhancements.

The 2007 Release 2 enhancements to the mTAB™ service follow the Release 1 enhancements released March 31, 2007.  Those enhancements included the powerful new “Ignore Filter” option for column questions along with enhanced workgroup functionality for recoding, which include the ability to save a development or “draft” recode that can be published to the workgroup upon completion.

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