mTab: Why It’s the Most Complete Solution on the Market

If you are looking for a complete and user friendly data analysis tool, you should consider PAI’s mTAB. We have developed and perfected the mTAB program to provide ease of use while analyzing large and complex datasets so you can make informed decisions quickly to increase the success of your business.

The power of mTAB is in its data compression technology. It is able to take massive amounts of survey data from millions of respondents and transfer that information into a spreadsheet format for ease of use. Once the data is in the spreadsheet format, mTAB provides you with the flexibility you need to easily analyze the data to make informed decisions. You won’t waste time wrestling
with data files, marginals, or file layouts. PAI’s professional team has done all that for you based on our expertise and customer feedback. You can focus on analyzing the data to make the best decisions for your company. Data can be displayed in multiple formats, including charts and graphs, to make it easier to understand. You can also filter data based on required criteria to increase efficiency. Find what you need, when you need it. mTAB also allows you to look at only one dataset to analyze current needs or to compare multiple datasets. Having the ability to compare multiple datasets gives you the power to easily find trends based on the collected data.

The power of mTAB does not end with its sophisticated programming. You will appreciate the connectivity of mTAB™ to interface and export data to a variety of common formats including: XLS, XML, HTML, CSV and TXT allowing you to use the data across all your office applications. mTAB also allows you to export respondent level data to SAS™ or SPSS™ with the ability to export only selected questions and respondents. This level of connectivity amplifies mTAB™’s ease of use and reduces costly and time consuming technology issues.

Not only is mTAB easy to use, you can use it anywhere you have internet access. mTAB is provided via the Internet as a secure hosted service. Since there is nothing to install, your survey data and the tool itself are available to you wherever and whenever you have Internet access. You can also feel confident that your data is secure. PAI maintains a system of the highest security and gives you the option to determine which users are able to gain access to the data and what they are able to access.

The power of mTAB as a data analysis tool is unparalleled and virtually limitless. Think what having all that information available can do for your company.

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