Tips for keeping customers satisfied

culture of engagementIn business, you know the customer is always right – even if they’re wrong – and should be your top priority. Running a company that keeps customers coming back time and time again is the ultimate goal; with these tips for keeping customers satisfied, you can accomplish that goal on a daily basis.

Customer service is tip #1 in satisfying customers

The first and most important tip to keeping your customers satisfied is service; this should be discussed at every business meeting, at every level. Excellent customer service is crucial to the success of your business. You want your customers to have easy access to help, when needed. For instance, an online store should have:

  1. Contact information – email and physical address, phone and fax number, and instant messaging for quick service
  2. Easy navigation of products and/or service
  3. Company & Product information – an About Us page and detailed product data that includes price, availability, description, and other pertinent information

If these three essentials are implemented, your customers will keep coming back. In a brick and mortar store, ensure there’s a customer service counter – and that someone is always manning it. There’s nothing worse than a customer who walks out because no one was available to help them. Also, keep aware of inventory; make sure there are plenty of items for customers, especially if a sale was issued; keep the store clean and free of pests; have convenient store hours and locations close to residential areas.

Tip #2 is B2B satisfaction

Another of the tips for keeping customers satisfied deals with other businesses. As a company, you more than likely have to work with other companies, whether they are shipping, warehouse, or manufacturing plants. Everyone has to work in tandem to make sure customers are getting what they paid for, and that includes stellar products or services. If a customer needs a replacement part, always allow for a near-by repair shop or quick shipping – even free shipping – for the customer.

If a customer sees a healthy working relationship between your business and other businesses you work with, their trust factor increases, and when that happens, they start talking to their family, friends, and co-workers about your company; vice versa when they’re not happy, so keep healthy B2B relationships.

Employee satisfaction is tip #3

The last of the tips for keeping customers satisfied concerns your employees. When you treat your employees right, customers see it in their expressions, words, and actions. If an employee is constantly overworked, underpaid, and abused, customers will notice. Who wants a grumpy, unsatisfied employee taking care of your customers? The best way to know if your employees are happy is to ask them, maybe not face-to-face if it’s too uncomfortable, but through surveys or other anonymous avenues.

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