Tips for Quickly Analyzing Data

If you have mountains of survey data and the idea of analyzing all of it is overwhelming, you are not alone. However, there are tips for quickly analyzing survey data so that you can make easy decisions.


The key factor to making survey data analysis a pleasure rather than a pain is to select a product that lets you compile and store your data with features that are right for your company. You will want to select an option that is user friendly, provides flexibility, and allows you to display information in a variety of formats to increase ease of access and increased understanding of data.

Little is more frustrating than having to learn a new program just to access the information you need, especially if the information is time sensitive. Select a product, like mTAB, that is designed with the spreadsheet user in mind. Most, if not all, of the users who will be interfacing with the product will be familiar with current spreadsheet programs (like Excel) and will be able to quickly access the data with little to no additional training.

You can also reduce the time it takes you to analyze survey data by taking advantage of the flexibility features available in your data analysis tool. Flexibility features allow you to look at specific data sets or compare multiple data sets to search for trends. They also allow you to filter information based on your needs. With a few clicks you can pull up exactly what you need rather than sifting through piles of papers.

Your data analysis tool will also allow you to display information in formats that you can readily understand. Since information is initially displayed in a spreadsheet format, you can opt to orient data and criteria to suit your needs. Data is also easily converted to a variety of tables and graphs to aid in quick analysis. Key decision makers may feel intimidated by endless columns and rows of data; however, having the ability to view information in an alternate format, like a table or graph, makes the data easier to comprehend leading to quicker decision making.

Having the ability to quickly analyze survey data is essential to being able to make time sensitive decisions to increase your company’s success. Take the frustration out of survey data analysis by implementing the use of a data analysis tool and following these tips for quickly analyzing survey data so you can make easy decisions.

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